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The Surnames List contains only a selection of the thousands of family names for which Coats of Arms have been registered.

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Because the prefixes Mc and Mac both mean ‘son of’ the use of one over the other is usually based on family tradition or
preference. Generally speaking, Mac is regarded as Scottish and Mc, Irish, but there are no hard and fast rules.

If you do not find your name under Mac, please look under Mc, & vice versa.
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Showing a selection of names starting with V
Vangeville (Austria) Vardacca(Austria) Vargule(Austria) Veihelbaum(Austria)
Velderndorffer (Austria) Velsern(Austria) Verdugo(Austria) Vering(Austria)
Vetsera (Austria) Vierbaum(Austria) Viereggl(Austria) Vaere (de)(Belgium)
Val (de la) (Belgium) Valcke(Belgium) Valette(Belgium) Van Eijkeren(Belgium)
Van Hiele (Belgium) Van Litsenborgh(Belgium) Van Steenlandt(Belgium) Van Welden(Belgium)
Varent (van der) (Belgium) Vendegeis(Belgium) Verbraken(Belgium) Verdonck(Belgium)
Veydt (Belgium) Voeller(Belgium) Vos(Belgium) Vedel(Denmark)
Vendelboe (Denmark) Vieregg(Denmark) Vognsen(Denmark) Vachan(France)
Vache (la) (France) Vaginay(France) Vaillant(France) Vailly(France)
Vairiere (France) Val (du)(France) Valdevrange(France) Valentin(France)
Valicourt (France) Vallee(France) Valois (de)(France) Vanin(France)
Veaux (France) Veille(France) Venteirol(France) Verbois(France)
Vidal (France) Villeneuve(France) Visien(France) Vachenstein(Germany)
Vachiery (Germany) Vahlkampf(Germany) Valck(Germany) Valeran(Germany)
Vasoli (Germany) Veltheim(Germany) Venediger(Germany) Vest(Germany)
Vett (Germany) Vischer(Germany) Vogel(Germany) Vollans(Germany)
Von Burghardt (Germany) Von Issendorf(Germany) Vaccarro(Italy) Vagnini(Italy)
Vai (Italy) Vaini(Italy) Valaresso(Italy) Valdessarini(Italy)
Valentini (Italy) Valtrini(Italy) Vaschi(Italy) Vassallo(Italy)
Vecchietti (Italy) Vescia(Italy) Vetere(Italy) Viani(Italy)
Viglietti (Italy) Viscuso(Italy) Val (de la)(Luxembourgh) Vaulx (de)(Luxembourgh)
Vaux (de la) (Luxembourgh) Venne (del)(Luxembourgh) Vianden(Luxembourgh) Vaget(Netherlands)
Vaillant (Netherlands) Val (de)(Netherlands) Valcke (de)(Netherlands) Valensius(Netherlands)
Van de Geest (Netherlands) Van Den Heever(Netherlands) Van Der Meer(Netherlands) Van Doorn(Netherlands)
Van Huus (Netherlands) Van Lint(Netherlands) Van Saun(Netherlands) Van Sloten(Netherlands)
Vandecasteele (Netherlands) Vandecasteele(Netherlands) Vann(Netherlands) Veeckens(Netherlands)
Velde (van) (Netherlands) Verburg(Netherlands) Vermeeren(Netherlands) Voest(Netherlands)
Vos (Netherlands) Valdaura(Spain) Valderrama(Spain) Valdivia(Spain)
Valdoura (Spain) Valencia(Spain) Valladares(Spain) Vallgornera(Spain)
Varela (Spain) Vargas(Spain) Vega(Spain) Velasquez(Spain)
Vergos (Spain) Viesca(Spain) Villanova(Spain) Vegesach(Sweden)
Vellingk (Sweden) Voltemat(Sweden) Varnbuler(Switzerland) Veigy(Switzerland)
Verena (Switzerland) Veseneck(Switzerland) Vest(Switzerland) Vilingen(Switzerland)
Villain (Switzerland) Ville(Switzerland) Vitzthum(Switzerland) Vogt(Switzerland)
Volz (Switzerland) Vachell(England) Vale(England) Valentine(England)
Vane (England) Vardy(England) Varley(England) Vaughan(England)
Vavasour (England) Vellacott(England) Venables(England) Verdon(England)
Vere (England) Vessey(England) Vest(England) Villiers(England)
Vince (England) Viner(England) Vinning(England) Vivian(England)
Vought (England) Vowell(England) Vynall(England) Vannan(Scotland)
Vans (Scotland) Veitch(Scotland) Vance(Ireland) Vandelour(Ireland)
Veitch (Ireland) Venables(Ireland) Vernon(Ireland) Verschoyle(Ireland)
Vian (Ireland) Vigors(Ireland) Vizer(Ireland) Vowell(Ireland)
Valaitis (Baltic) Valancuis(Baltic) Valonis(Baltic) Vedluga(Baltic)
Vilkis (Baltic) Voldemaras(Baltic) Vytautas(Baltic) Voysilius(Baltic)
Vabalas (Baltic) Varnas(Baltic) Valavicius(Baltic) Varkala(Baltic)
Vagay (Croatia / Serbia) Vakanovich(Croatia / Serbia) Valichich(Croatia / Serbia) Vechkovich(Croatia / Serbia)
Verbega (Croatia / Serbia) Vinkovich(Croatia / Serbia) Vlaxich(Croatia / Serbia) Vlasits(Croatia / Serbia)
Voynovich (Croatia / Serbia) Vrabecz(Croatia / Serbia) Vranchich(Croatia / Serbia) Vukelich(Croatia / Serbia)
Vullakovich (Croatia / Serbia) Valsamachi(Greece) Voutzinas(Greece) Vaczy(Hungary)
Vajda (Hungary) Vaaly(Hungary) Varady(Hungary) Varga(Hungary)
Vecsey (Hungary) Vegh(Hungary) Verboj(Hungary) Vermes(Hungary)
Viczay (Hungary) Vabo(Portugal) Vahia(Portugal) Valdevesso(Portugal)
Valdez (Portugal) Valenca(Portugal) Valente(Portugal) Valle(Portugal)
Vallejo (Portugal) Varejola(Portugal) Varella(Portugal) Vaitolanu(Romania)
Varzaru (Romania) Varnay(Romania) Veisa(Romania) Venin(Romania)
Vadbolsky (Russia) Vatatzki(Russia) Velho(Russia) Venevitinov(Russia)
Viazemsky (Russia) Viren(Russia) Viskovatov(Russia) Vodard(Russia)
Vogel (Russia) Vorontzov(Russia) Vouitch(Russia) Vrevsky(Russia)
Vyroubov (Russia) Vahan(Wales) Vain(Wales) Vainow(Wales)
Vale (Wales) Vallender(Wales) Vantage(Wales) Vaughn(Wales)
Vane (Wales) Vethick(Wales) Voyle(Wales) Vogt(Norway)
Volckmar (Norway) Von Pfenningsdorf(Germany) Vliegar (De)(Belgium) Volz(Germany)
van Antwerp Van Brunt van der Kieft van der Merwe
Van Duinen Van Haver Van Hout van Koot
Van Langen Van Reenan van Rensburg van Stryp
Vanore VanSumeren Varney Vasey
Vaux VenRooy Venter Ventham
Verdon (Ireland) Verkaik Verney Vernon(England)
Vezey Vicary Vick Vickers
Vickery Victor Villalobos Villiers(Wales)
Vining Vipan Vogelzang von Manstein
Von Senger Voss Votur Vowells
Vass (England) van Els(Netherlands) van der Elst(Netherlands) Viragh(Hungary)
Van den Born (Netherlands) Vacquerle(France) Vigna(Italy) Venevitinoff(Russia)
Vulascich (Croatia / Serbia) Vinden(England) van Hoeft(Netherlands) Vrcic(Croatia / Serbia)
Van Aken (Netherlands) van Nouhuys(Netherlands) Van Overmeiren(Netherlands) Vandersluys(England)
Van Sluys (Netherlands) Van der Sluys(Netherlands) Vlaming(Netherlands) Vos(de)(Netherlands)
van Hemert (Netherlands) Vancea(Romania) van der Leemputte(Netherlands) van Zyl(Netherlands)
Vain (England) Veal(England) Veale(England) van Oudenhove(Belgium)
Vizer (Belgium) van Beurden(Netherlands) van Wymeersch(Netherlands) Van Essen(Netherlands)
Van Der Linden (Netherlands) Vinter(England) Von Dincklage(Germany) Van Woerkom(Netherlands)
Van den Kerkhof (Netherlands) Verster(Belgium) Van Assche(Belgium) Valence(England)
Valomes (England) Vidana(Ireland) Van Spall(Netherlands) Van Acker(Belgium)
Von Brickle (Denmark) Vasai(Romania) Vlieger(Germany) Vitucci(Italy)
Van Winkle (Netherlands) Vorpagel(Germany) Van Eijerken(Denmark) Van Eykeren(Denmark)
van Engelen (Netherlands) van der Linde(Netherlands) Volk(Czech/Slovak) Vervaecke(Belgium)
Vizgirdas Vizgirdas(Italy) Van Roon(Netherlands) Vetch(Scotland)
Vujcic (Croatia / Serbia) Van Wart(Austria) Vincent(England) Van Asselt(Netherlands)
Vinicombe (England) Vandoorn(Netherlands) Valum(Norway) Vargo(Czech/Slovak)
Van Geoverden (Belgium) Vanderhaeghe(Belgium) Van der haeghe(Belgium) Voyzey(France)
Vrabec (Czech/Slovak) Viewweg(Germany) Velwick(Germany) Vidler(England)
Van Derslice (Netherlands) Van Beevin(Belgium)

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