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The Surnames List contains only a selection of the thousands of family names for which Coats of Arms have been registered.

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(NB: We research each Coat of Arms from a recognised source but it should be understood that no direct genealogical
connection is intended or implied.)
Because the prefixes Mc and Mac both mean ‘son of’ the use of one over the other is usually based on family tradition or
preference. Generally speaking, Mac is regarded as Scottish and Mc, Irish, but there are no hard and fast rules.

If you do not find your name under Mac, please look under Mc, & vice versa.
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Showing a selection of names starting with G
Gablkofen (Austria) Gabriano(Austria) Gaisruck(Austria) Gallenberg(Austria)
Gangl (Austria) Garzarolli(Austria) Gassur(Austria) Gattermayr(Austria)
Gebhardt (Austria) Gastold(Baltic) Gazuba(Baltic) Gernet(Baltic)
Gabber (Belgium) Gaderpennine(Belgium) Gaest (de)(Belgium) Galle(Belgium)
Gamond (Belgium) Gauwloss(Belgium) Geeraerts(Belgium) Gelmer(Belgium)
Gendt (de) (Belgium) Gheldere(Belgium) Guillaume(Belgium) Gabler(Czech/Slovak)
Gallas (Czech/Slovak) Gambsenberg(Czech/Slovak) Gemmrich(Czech/Slovak) Georger(Czech/Slovak)
Glommer (Czech/Slovak) Grazda(Czech/Slovak) Gambarits(Croatia / Serbia) Gavcselovits(Croatia / Serbia)
Gavrilovits (Croatia / Serbia) Godec(Croatia / Serbia) Gregujevics(Croatia / Serbia) Gaisruck(Croatia / Serbia)
Gasparich (Croatia / Serbia) Gerlichich(Croatia / Serbia) Glavinich(Croatia / Serbia) Goriansky(Croatia / Serbia)
Grahovacz (Croatia / Serbia) Gaas(Denmark) Gadendorff(Denmark) Gagge(Denmark)
Galen (Denmark) Galle(Denmark) Galtung(Denmark) Gammel(Denmark)
Geed (Denmark) Gehra(Denmark) Geistler(Denmark) Geuffen(Denmark)
Gjodesen (Denmark) Gjorup(Denmark) Galle(Finland) Godenhjelm(Finland)
Gripenberg (Finland) Gyldenstolpe(Finland) Gabillard(France) Gagneux (le)(France)
Gai (France) Gaigny(France) Gaillard(France) Galand(France)
Galichet (France) Galliot(France) Garbe(France) Gardanne(France)
Gernicourt (France) Gerrand(France) Gombert(France) Grethe(France)
Guillaume (France) Guin(France) Gaillhofer(Germany) Gasler(Germany)
Gastl (Germany) Gerhardt(Germany) Gerling(Germany) Gerstorfer(Germany)
Gess (Germany) Giwisser(Germany) Goaten(Germany) Gostelow(Germany)
Gottschalr (Germany) Grantz(Germany) Grenda(Germany) Gurvitz(Germany)
Gutmann (Germany) Gutscher(Germany) Gabala(Greece) Galates(Greece)
Gaspiraki (Germany) Gavallas(Germany) Gavras(Germany) Gavrilopoulo(Greece)
Geropetris (Greece) Gherakaris(Greece) Ghisi(Greece) Gonemi(Greece)
Gorgey (Hungary) Gabiano(Italy) Gabrieli(Italy) Gaetani(Italy)
Gafforini (Italy) Gaia(Italy) Galante(Italy) Galdi(Italy)
Galeazzini (Italy) Galfredi(Italy) Gambotto(Italy) Giannotti(Italy)
Granito (Italy) Graziani(Italy) Guarinoni(Italy) Guglielmi(Italy)
Galliot (Luxembourgh) Geisen(Luxembourgh) Genins(Luxembourgh) Gerlache(Luxembourgh)
Girsch (Luxembourgh) Gommery(Luxembourgh) Gaade(Netherlands) Gaertz(Netherlands)
Galeth (Netherlands) Gameren(Netherlands) Gardyn(Netherlands) Gauw(Netherlands)
Geck (Netherlands) Geen(Netherlands) Gerega(Netherlands) Geytenbeek(Netherlands)
Gommeren (Netherlands) Graeper(Netherlands) Gram(Netherlands) Grobbelaar(Netherlands)
Gabonski (Poland) Gacki(Poland) Galemski(Poland) Gamrat(Poland)
Gawin (Poland) Gawlowski(Poland) Gedroyc(Poland) Gembart(Poland)
Geometer (Poland) Gerlitzki(Poland) Gidaszewski(Poland) Gladych(Poland)
Golda (Poland) Gostynska(Poland) Gregorczyk(Poland) Gachinhero(Portugal)
Gago (Portugal) Gaiao(Portugal) Gaioso(Portugal) Galban(Portugal)
Galdo (Portugal) Galhardo(Portugal) Gallego(Portugal) Galvao(Portugal)
Gama (Portugal) Gortz(Romania) Gagarin(Russia) Gann(Russia)
Garunoff (Russia) Gavrilov(Russia) Gawriloff(Russia) Gerebtsof(Russia)
Ghijitzky (Russia) Gilinski(Russia) Glinka(Russia) Golovatchev(Russia)
Goloverov (Russia) Gordeev(Russia) Grekov(Russia) Gabriel(Spain)
Galban (Spain) Gallego(Spain) Gallifa(Spain) Garcia(Spain)
Garvi (Spain) Gasol(Spain) Gaspio(Spain) Gau(Spain)
Gayola (Spain) Giraldo(Spain) Gonsalves(Spain) Guerra(Spain)
Gutierrez (Spain) Gadda(Sweden) Galle(Sweden) Garffelt(Sweden)
Gedda (Sweden) Geer(Sweden) Geete(Sweden) Gerdeschold(Sweden)
Geyer (Sweden) Golawitz(Sweden) Gacheo(Switzerland) Gachet(Switzerland)
Gallatin (Switzerland) Gallois(Switzerland) Gamerswang(Switzerland) Ganting(Switzerland)
Gassion (Switzerland) Gatschet(Switzerland) Gaudard(Switzerland) Gebhardt(Switzerland)
Geissriem (Switzerland) Geltern(Switzerland) Guex(Switzerland) Ganner(England)
Gannicott (England) Garwood(England) Geal(England) Genders(England)
Gerrie (England) Gilder(England) Gilfrin(England) Gilliver(England)
Goldfinkle (England) Gookey(England) Gowler(England) Gracy(England)
Graybeal (England) Greathurst(England) Gripton(England) Gristwood(England)
Grounds (England) Gumbrell(England) Gurnell(England) Guyler(England)
Galashen (Scotland) Galloway(Scotland) Goalen(Scotland) Goulden(Scotland)
Gracey (Scotland) Graham(Scotland) Gribbons(Scotland) Gennoe(Wales)
Gittus (Wales) Glassborow(Wales) Griffiths(Wales) Gwaethvoed(Wales)
Gwerystan (Wales) Gwilliam(Wales) Gwyn(Wales) Gwynne(Wales)
Gwyrdyr (Wales) Geschaw(Poland) Giejsz(Poland) Glaubicz(Poland)
Glinski (Poland) Golebiowski(Poland) Golocki(Poland) Goszynski(Poland)
Gozdawa (Poland) Grecz(Poland) Grzymaia(Poland) Guczy(Poland)
Gafney (Ireland) Gallagher(Ireland) Galway(Ireland) Garrett(Ireland)
Gaston (Ireland) Gilligan(Ireland) Glenny(Ireland) Gough(Ireland)
Greer (Ireland) Gunning(Ireland) Gafencu(Romania) Gane(Romania)
Ganescu (Romania) Ghika(Romania) Gigurtu(Romania) Giurescu(Romania)
Golfineanu (Romania) Gaarder(Norway) Gade(Norway) Galtung(Norway)
Geelmuyden (Norway) Giertsen(Norway) Gloersen(Norway) Gram(Norway)
Greve (Norway) Grundt(Norway) Gruner(Norway) Gronvold(Norway)
Gude (Norway) Griffith(Wales) Goodey(England) Gilbody(Scotland)
Gaffney Gage Gahan Gainsford
Gaisford Gale Gall Gallagher(Scotland)
Gallant Galliford Gallimore Galwey
Gannon Gardiner Garforth Garland
Garlick Garrison Garriock Garry
Geary Garton Gaskell Gatti
Gattrell Gavin Gawthrop Gaynor
Gayter Gayton Geary Geekie
Gehrke Gell Gelleburn Gelson
Gemmel Gent Gentle Geoghegan
George (England) Georgeson Geraghty Gerard/Gerrard
Germain Gerwe Gessner Gettings
Geurts Gibb Gibbard Gibbons(England)
Gibbs Giddings Giffard Gifford
Giguere Gijzen Gilburd Gilhooley
Gillan Gillen Gillett Gillette
Gilliam Gilmore Gilmer Gilroy
Giordano Glanville Glasgow Glass
Glen Glickman Glover Glynn
Goddard Goetz Goff Gogarty
Going Gold Goldie Goldstine
Goldthorpe Gollogly Gomersall Gonsholt
Gooch Goodall Goodbrand Goodenough
Goodhew Goodwin Goos Gore
Gormley Gosling Goulding Gouldy
Goulston Gourley Gowette Gowing
Grace Grafton Grampp Granda
Grande Gratten Grave Graves
Greenland Greenlees Greenman Greensmith
Greenway Greenwell Gregson Gregustobires
Grehan Grey Grice Grieve
Griffin (England) Griffith(England) Griffiths(England) Griggs
Grigson Grimes Grimont Grizzard
Grogan Grosso Grosvenor Grove
Grubb Grubbs Guest Goold
Guilfoyle Guille Gunton Gurley
Gurney Gurr Gutteridge Gyles
Glitheroe (England) Grell(Germany) Gogoase(Romania) Grelling(Netherlands)
Good Goode Groenewald Gilchrist
Glazebrook (England) Gorham(England) Guiheen(Ireland) Garnett(England)
Glendinning (Scotland) Gordon(Scotland) Gorman(Ireland) Grant(Scotland)
Glazzard (France) Goldsmith(England) Gabriel(England) Green(England)
Greene (England) Greene(Ireland) Green(Ireland) Goodsman(England)
Goodman (England) Goodman(Wales) Goodman(Ireland) Gough(England)
Gould (England) Greening(England) Gappmayer(Austria) Gillespie(Scotland)
Greenwood (England) Gazarek(Czech/Slovak) Gibson(Scotland) Gibson(England)
Gilbert (England) Glud(Denmark) Gostelow(England) Gardilcic(Italy)
Goss (England) Greves(England) Galbraith(Scotland) Garden(Scotland)
Gardyne (Scotland) Greider(Scotland) Gunn(Scotland) Graeme(Scotland)
Graham (Ireland) Gray(Scotland) Gray(England) Grierson(Scotland)
Gouge (Wales) Galvan(Spain) Guerreiro(Spain) Grande (De or Del)(Italy)
Galvin (Ireland) Galland(Ireland) Grygier(Germany) Glennie(Scotland)
Greibel (Germany) Graybeal(Germany) Grebell(Switzerland) Groom(England)
Groome (England) Goode(England) Geddes(Scotland) Gleeson(Ireland)
Gaudig (Germany) Glithero(England) Gavranich(Croatia / Serbia) Graf(Switzerland)
Graf (Germany) Graff(Germany) Graff(Austria) Gosse(England)
Goss (Germany) Guevara(Spain) Goodrum(England) Glennon(Ireland)
Grygier (Poland) Gwynne(Ireland) Gwynedd(Wales) Gwinnett(Wales)
Gascoigne (France) Gascoing(France) Gascoigne(England) Gascoyne(England)
Galyck (Austria) Gregory(England) Graham(England) Goligher(Ireland)
Gellatly (Ireland) Gellatly(Scotland) Gallightly(England) Gorringe(England)
Goring (England) Galbreath(Scotland) Gullickson(England) Goodlake(England)
Gullickson (Norway) Gorely(England) Gorley(England) Goorlay(England)
Gladwin (England) Gilham(England) Gillham(England) Godfrey(Ireland)
Gibbons (Ireland) Guy(England) Gardner(England) Geissal(Germany)
Geissel (Germany) Gastrell(England) Gunderman(Germany) George(Ireland)
Glaister (Scotland) Glashouwer(Netherlands) Grandage(England) Grandorge(England)
Grandidge (England) Gierhart(Germany) Gault(Scotland) Guthrie(Scotland)
Gilpin (England) Graz de Sorac(Switzerland) Grandits(Italy) Grandis(Italy)
Grygier Greenock(Scotland) Glyn(England) Gedling(Scotland)
Ged (Scotland) Gilbertson(Scotland) Gilbert(Scotland) Gonzales(Spain)
Gonzalez (Spain) Grimm(Germany) Godkin(England) Godwin(England)
Greig (Scotland) Gary(Ireland) Garvey(Ireland) Gourlay(Scotland)
Gourlie (Scotland) Gorsuch(Scotland) Gorsuche(Scotland) Guilbert(France)
Gorrie (Scotland) Gorry(Scotland) Guitard(France) Gill(Scotland)
Gill (England) Gamble(England) Gambell(England) Gish(Germany)
Greer (England) Garner(England) Gash(England) Gee(Scotland)
Garnham (England) Gostling/Gosling Golightly(England) Girdwood(Scotland)
Girdler (Scotland) Gilkinson(Ireland) Grasseur(France) Grassuer(France)
Grasser (France) Gaertz(Denmark) Giannone(Italy) Griffin(Wales)
Godden (England) Glavin(Ireland) Golding(England) Gaspic(Croatia / Serbia)
Giannome (Ireland) Gelardi(Italy) Gilluly(Ireland) Gilmour(Ireland)
Gabocy (Hungary) Gamwell(England) Gamell(England) Gammill(England)
Glowacki (Poland) Grabarzyk(Poland) Gulliver(Ireland) Glascock(England)
Gobby (England) Gobyns(England) Grischotti(Sweden) Grissot(Sweden)
Groseta (Croatia / Serbia) Granillo(Italy) Grabham(England) Gillingham(England)
Granata (Italy) Gudmestad(Norway) Gordy(Scotland) Gillis(Scotland)
Guild (England) Gild(England) Gilford(England) Gasson(England)
Gason (England) Giannoni(Italy) Gilfillan(Scotland) Gabor(Hungary)
Gattinger (Germany) Garman(England) Goodyer(England) Goodyere(England)
Goodier (England) Goldby(England) Goodale(England) Grabauskas
Grabawskas Girdlestone(England) Gargan(Ireland) Gruber(Germany)
Gomens (Belgium) Graz De Soral(Austria) Garmon(England) Germon(England)
Garillo (Spain) Gow(Scotland) Gravelle(France) Guina(Spain)
Gillanders (Scotland) Goad(Germany) Gaebler(Germany) Gosney(England)
Guajardo (Italy) Greaves(England) Gerrand(Scotland) Gauget(France)
Gaugeret (France) Gregerson(Norway) Genis(France) Gallie(France)
Gatsby (Scotland) Gatesby(England) Getesbery(England) Gatsby(England)
Golubovic (Poland) Gibhard(Germany) Gates(England) Goodloe(England)
Goodlock (England) Grantham(England) Gilliard(England) Gaynon(Ireland)
Garrow (England) Garrow(Scotland) Goldstraw(England) Gailer(England)
Gronow (Wales) Govier(England) Gover(England) Gregg(England)
Gleed (England) Gledhill(England) Gullick(England) Gelsthorpe(England)
Gowans (Scotland) Greatbach(England) Greathead(England) Gisby(England)
Grose (England) Gennarini(Italy) Goethals(Belgium) Goulder(England)
Gonsalves (Portugal) Gaudreau(France) Grindlay(Scotland) Garzarolli von Thurnlackh(Italy)
Guittet (France) Gustafsson(Switzerland) Geveren(Finland) Ginther(Germany)
Golisz (Poland) Grundy(England) Gregoire(France) Godsman(Scotland)
Gatecliffe (England) Gate(England) Genito(Italy) Genetto(Italy)
Gordon (England) Goodliffe(England) Gooding(England) Gooden(England)
Goodwen (England) Gypps(England) Gower(England) Gillies(Scotland)
Grostate (France) Gately(England) Grubel(Germany) Grafham(France)
Graffham (France) Giles(England) Gola(England) Gardeners(England)
Gunnels (England) Gomer(England) Gomersall(England) Gillman(England)

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