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The Surnames List contains only a selection of the thousands of family names for which Coats of Arms have been registered.

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(NB: We research each Coat of Arms from a recognised source but it should be understood that no direct genealogical
connection is intended or implied.)
Because the prefixes Mc and Mac both mean ‘son of’ the use of one over the other is usually based on family tradition or
preference. Generally speaking, Mac is regarded as Scottish and Mc, Irish, but there are no hard and fast rules.

If you do not find your name under Mac, please look under Mc, & vice versa.
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Showing a selection of names starting with F
Fabianich (Croatia / Serbia) Faczkovich(Croatia / Serbia) Falsak(Croatia / Serbia) Farcasich(Croatia / Serbia)
Ferklich (Croatia / Serbia) Ferrekovich(Croatia / Serbia) Filipovic(Croatia / Serbia) Fodroczy(Croatia / Serbia)
Frankovitsch (Croatia / Serbia) Funtek(Croatia / Serbia) Faria(Portugal) Farinha(Portugal)
Faro (Portugal) Fernandez(Portugal) Ferrao(Portugal) Ferraz(Portugal)
Ferreira (Portugal) Ferrer(Portugal) Fialho(Portugal) Fidalgo(Portugal)
Fadeev (Russia) Fedorov(Russia) Fedosseiev(Russia) Filipiev(Russia)
Fliege (Russia) Fonvizine(Russia) Freederickz(Russia) Fricero(Russia)
Friederici (Russia) Frolov(Russia) Fabrizii(Austria) Falckenstein(Austria)
Fatz (Austria) Feirtag(Austria) Felbner(Austria) Felsach(Austria)
Fentzel (Austria) Ferrabosc(Austria) Festenberg(Austria) Fetzer(Austria)
Feuerstein (Austria) Feyrtag(Austria) Fierer(Austria) Faszczewski(Baltic)
Fersen (Baltic) Feuille (de)(Baltic) Fick(Baltic) Fiedinko(Baltic)
Filipowicz (Baltic) Fischbach(Baltic) Fock(Baltic) Forselius(Baltic)
Friederici (Baltic) Fronckiewicz(Baltic) Flatau(Belgium) Febure(Belgium)
Fermin (Belgium) Fertyns(Belgium) Fielens(Belgium) Flye (de la)(Belgium)
Florisoone (Belgium) Folie(Belgium) Fonteyn(Belgium) Foreeste (van de)(Belgium)
Forlengiet (Belgium) Fabritius(Czech/Slovak) Fojtik(Czech/Slovak) Fiscali(Czech/Slovak)
Fischer(Edle von) (Czech/Slovak) Fleischmann(Czech/Slovak) Freyenfels(Czech/Slovak) Friedberg(Czech/Slovak)
Friedrich (Czech/Slovak) Fuchs(Czech/Slovak) Funfkirchen(Czech/Slovak) Furstl(Czech/Slovak)
Franetovich (Croatia / Serbia) Farnesits(Croatia / Serbia) Filipovits(Croatia / Serbia) Faddersen(Denmark)
Falk (Denmark) Falsen(Denmark) Falster(Denmark) Farinelli(Denmark)
Feignet (Denmark) Felden(Denmark) Fikkesen(Denmark) Finchenov(Denmark)
Finke (Denmark) Fischer(Denmark) Fisker(Denmark) Flindt(Denmark)
Foes (Denmark) Fofften(Denmark) Friis(Denmark) Falk(Finland)
Fiecandt (Finland) Finckenberg(Finland) Fock(Finland) Forselles(Finland)
Fabre (France) Fagon(France) Fevre(France) Farge(France)
Fatin (France) Faubert(France) Fauconniere(France) Fauconniere(France)
Febvre (France) Feron (le)(France) Ferran(France) Feugerolles(France)
Florange (France) Folleville(France) Fontaine(France) Forges(France)
Faber (Germany) Fassbender(Germany) Fecke(Germany) Feigl(Germany)
Findler (Germany) Fink(Germany) Fitzer(Germany) Fleischhauer(Germany)
Fluchter (Germany) Friedhof(Germany) Faust(Germany) Fumics(Hungary)
Fabbrini (Italy) Fabiani(Italy) Fabro(Italy) Facchinetti(Italy)
Faella (Italy) Fagnani(Italy) Falavigna(Italy) Falconi(Italy)
Fazzolari (Italy) Fazzolari(Italy) Fioravanti(Italy) Fornasier(Italy)
Frediani (Italy) Faas(Netherlands) Faber(Netherlands) Fabricius(Netherlands)
Fagel (Netherlands) Fannius(Netherlands) Fassyn(Netherlands) Fels(Netherlands)
Ferens (Netherlands) Ferkenbeek(Netherlands) Ferrant(Netherlands) Fetmenger(Netherlands)
Focke (Netherlands) Fontyn(Netherlands) Fliski(Poland) Fogel(Poland)
Falencki (Poland) Faliszowski(Poland) Falkenhan(Poland) Falkowski(Poland)
Filhauser (Poland) Filipowski(Poland) Fronckiewicz(Poland) Facundes(Portugal)
Figueiredo (Portugal) Fa (von)(Romania) Fabini(Romania) Fetter(Romania)
Fiedler (Edle von) (Romania) Filstich(Romania) Foldvary(Romania) Frendl(Romania)
Fock (Russia) Folimonow(Russia) Fachs(Spain) Ferrol(Spain)
Fajardo (Spain) Farraz(Spain) Fernandez(Spain) Ferrera(Spain)
Fluvia (Spain) Fontenellas(Spain) Fontanet(Spain) Fontcuberta(Spain)
Fores (Spain) Fagerskjold(Sweden) Fahstrom(Sweden) Falk(Sweden)
Falkenberg (Sweden) Fehman(Sweden) Feif(Sweden) Fock(Sweden)
Fogelhufwud (Sweden) Footangel(Sweden) Forbus(Sweden) Forselles(Sweden)
Fabri (Switzerland) Falquet(Switzerland) Faulong(Switzerland) Favier(Switzerland)
Feeren (Switzerland) Fer (de)(Switzerland) Festerne (de la)(Switzerland) Fetscherin(Switzerland)
Feurstein (Switzerland) Fininger(Switzerland) Flegelberg(Switzerland) Fluntern(Switzerland)
Folckenschweil (Switzerland) Frisenheim(Switzerland) Fantom(England) Farmiloe(England)
Farrah (England) Fash(England) Feaviour(England) Feetham(England)
Few (England) Fieldston(England) Fissenden(England) Fithian(England)
Flintoff (England) Flounders(England) Fragle(England) Furman(England)
Fyfield (England) Fage(Scotland) Farr(Scotland) Felthouse(Scotland)
Fettes (Scotland) Fleming(Scotland) Foyer(Scotland) Fuddie(Scotland)
Fullarton (Scotland) Furm(Scotland) Fyles(Scotland) Fahy(Ireland)
Fayle (Ireland) Fearon(Ireland) Fennell(Ireland) Fenton(Ireland)
Ferrier (Ireland) Fiddes(Ireland) Filgate(Ireland) Fittzgibbon(Ireland)
Falculanu (Romania) Farcasanu(Romania) Farfara(Romania) Filipescu(Romania)
Filitti (Romania) Fleva(Romania) Florescu(Romania) Forascu(Romania)
Falch (Norway) Falck(Norway) Falsen(Norway) Fasting(Norway)
Fleischer (Norway) Fougner(Norway) Friis(Norway) Fritzner(Norway)
Frolich (Norway) Furst(Norway) Fauvel(France) Freeland(England)
Fauvell (France) Fagan Fairbairn Fahie(Ireland)
Fairclough Fairfax Fairley Fairweather
Falkingham Fallon Fallow Fanning
Fanshaw Farey Farkas Farmer
Farrell Farren Farrington Farrow
Farry Faulds Fawcett Fawson
Fearnley Fearon(England) Feather Feehan
Feely Feeney Feenstra Feld
Fellows Fennelly Fenwick Ferns
Ferrers Fetherston Fiechter Fiegert
Field Fielding Fields Fimple
Fincher Findlay Finnegan Finnie
Finnis Finucane Firth Fitzallen
Fitzgerald Fitzhenry Fitzherbert Fitzmaurice
Fitzsimmons Fitzsimons Fitzwarren Fitzwilliam
Flanagan Flanders Flannery Flavell
Fleetwood Fleischauer Fletcher(Scotland) Flood
Florence Flower Flowers Flynn
Fogarty Folliot Fontaine Foote
Forde Fordyce Forrester Forristal
Fortescue Fortesque Forth Fortis
Forty Fouracre Fourie Fournier
Fox Frame France Franchetti
Frankis Franklyn Freemantle Freeney
Fretwell Frevile Frew Friederich
Friedhoff Friedman Friel Frith
Frolick Fulton Fyfe Fraser(Scotland)
Forster (Ireland) Forster(England) Farquharson(Scotland) Fidgett(England)
Figes (England) Felice(Italy) Fillmore Fischer(Germany)
Fish Faulkner(Germany) Falckner(Germany) Ferguson(Scotland)
Forsythe (Scotland) Forsyth(Scotland) Franks(Germany) Finlay(Scotland)
Finlay (Ireland) Fry(England) Frye(England) Fryer(England)
Fitchett (England) Fenn(England) Fishbourne(England) Ferdinandsen(Germany)
Fraser(Lovat) (Scotland) Findon(England) Finden(England) Filipowicz(Poland)
Fitzsimon (Ireland) French(England) Frost(England) Falconer(England)
Forbes (Scotland) Femister(Scotland) Femister(England) Feemster(England)
Feemster (Scotland) Feamster(England) Feamster(Scotland) Feimster(Scotland)
Feimster (England) Fitzpatrick(Ireland) Freraut(Denmark) Foad(England)
Falconer (Scotland) Falkiner(Ireland) Forsythe(Ireland) Fergusson(Scotland)
Fotheringham (Scotland) Fothringham(Scotland) Fullarton(Scotland) Fletton(England)
Freeman (England) Fowler(England) Fowler(Scotland) Fackrell(France)
Francis (England) Feldtner(Germany) Foster(England) Frolich(Germany)
Folson (England) Foulson(England) Foster(Ireland) Findlater(Scotland)
Findlater (Ireland) Fortune(England) Fajfar(Croatia / Serbia) Fellender(England)
Fellner (Germany) Fischer(Switzerland) Flores(France) Finn(Ireland)
Finn (Scotland) Fleisch(Germany) Farris(England) Ferris(England)
Fervis (England) Farvis(England) Frey(Germany) Frey(Austria)
Frey (Switzerland) Fouts(Germany) Fitzgibbon(Ireland) Fowkes(England)
Fisher (England) Fletcher(England) Foreman(England) Forman(England)
Forman (Scotland) Foreman(Scotland) Funke(Germany) Falce(Italy)
Finkelmeier (Germany) Frayling(England) Fairall(England) Foulner(Scotland)
Fouler (Scotland) Fidler(Germany) Fiedler(Germany) Feise(Germany)
Frizzell (Scotland) Frizzle(Scotland) Fenton(England) Fuller(England)
Felton (England) Fombertaux(France) Feakins(England) Feake(England)
Feeke (England) Furlong(England) Fera(Italy) Faithful(Scotland)
Faith (England) Flemmer(Germany) Foy(Scotland) Finlayson(Scotland)
Figg (England) Frisby(England) Frisbie(England) Forsman(England)
Foldberg (Denmark) Fearick(England) Fouche Fellowes(England)
Frankland (England) Finch(England) Fulcomer(England) Fiddy(England)
Fousert (Netherlands) Firebrace(England) Firebrass(England) Flake(Germany)
Foucher (France) Faulkes(England) Faulks(England) Frank(Germany)
Farquhar (Scotland) Foister(England) Forach(Austria) Frederick(England)
Frutig (Switzerland) Frutiger(Switzerland) Ferguson(Ireland) Flaws(Scotland)
Frazer (Scotland) Futcher(England) Fulwer(England) Funstan(Ireland)
Funstan (England) Funston(England) Fricker(England) Fricker(Austria)
Fenlon (Ireland) Ferrie(Scotland) Ferrier(Scotland) Fenlon(England)
Frayne (Ireland) Fraynes(Ireland) Flexney(England) Francis(Ireland)
Francalangia (Italy) Feist(Germany) Friend(England) Fair(England)
Fenner (England) Fudger(England) Foulkes(England) Foltin(Czech/Slovak)
Foltynski (Czech/Slovak) Fitzgerald(Ireland) Ferrer(Ireland) Ferrer(England)
Franklin (England) Foyle(England) Fleming(Ireland) Forward(England)
Forward (Ireland) Fulford(England) Faulkiner(England) Faulkner(England)
Frear (England) Freer(England) Fulcher(England) Fullagar(England)
Fidoe (England) Fiddyment(England) Fairchild(England) Ferolito(Italy)
Foulser (England) Fay(Ireland) Firmin(England) Fetherstonhaugh(England)
Fetherston (England) Featherston(England) Featherstone(England) Forden(England)
Ford (England) Forden(Scotland) Ford(Scotland) Farley(England)
Farleigh (England) Forrest(England) Fitt(England) Fitter(England)
Fenstermacher (Germany) Fensterer(Germany) Foley(Ireland) Fake(England)
Forrester (Scotland) Farrow(England) Fish(England) Figges(England)

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