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The Surnames List contains only a selection of the thousands of family names for which Coats of Arms have been registered.

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connection is intended or implied.)
Because the prefixes Mc and Mac both mean ‘son of’ the use of one over the other is usually based on family tradition or
preference. Generally speaking, Mac is regarded as Scottish and Mc, Irish, but there are no hard and fast rules.

If you do not find your name under Mac, please look under Mc, & vice versa.
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Showing a selection of names starting with R
Raab (Austria) Rabatta(Austria) Rabein(Austria) Rabel(Austria)
Rada (Austria) Radiencig(Austria) Radtlinger(Austria) Raffensberg(Austria)
Raigersfeld (Austria) Raithegg(Austria) Ramberg(Austria) Rappach(Austria)
Reckheim (Austria) Rakowski(Baltic) Rade (van den)(Belgium) Radetzki(Belgium)
Raedt (de) (Belgium) Raepsaet(Belgium) Ragues(Belgium) Rauleder(Belgium)
Rave (de) (Belgium) Redelghem (van)(Belgium) Reeck(Belgium) Reiffenberg(Belgium)
Reignart (Belgium) Remont(Belgium) Rabenhaupt(Czech/Slovak) Radda(Czech/Slovak)
Rattonitz (Czech/Slovak) Reisky(Czech/Slovak) Rolletschek(Czech/Slovak) Roedl(Czech/Slovak)
Rohm (Czech/Slovak) Radakovich(Croatia / Serbia) Raditsch(Croatia / Serbia) Rankovics(Croatia / Serbia)
Rantych (Croatia / Serbia) Rarovich(Croatia / Serbia) Resich(Croatia / Serbia) Reznitsek(Croatia / Serbia)
Rodich (Croatia / Serbia) Rosina(Croatia / Serbia) Rovasovsky(Croatia / Serbia) Rozovic(Croatia / Serbia)
Ruchich (Croatia / Serbia) Rukavina(Croatia / Serbia) Runits(Croatia / Serbia) Ruscierevich(Croatia / Serbia)
Russnov (Croatia / Serbia) Raadenraa(Denmark) Raasted(Denmark) Rabe(Denmark)
Raben (Denmark) Rafnsberg(Denmark) Rafvad(Denmark) Raphan(Denmark)
Rasch (Denmark) Rasmussen(Denmark) Rekhals(Denmark) Resen(Denmark)
Rygaard (Denmark) Rokassowskij(Finland) Rotkirch(Finland) Rosenkampff(Finland)
Rehbinder (Finland) Raulo(Finland) Reuterholm(Finland) Rosenbroijer(Finland)
Raaf (Finland) Raulo(Finland) Rabasse(France) Raberin(France)
Rabyot (France) Racine(France) Radet(France) Ragot(France)
Rahier (France) Raince(France) Rampon(France) Raulin(France)
Ravier (France) Regnard(France) Regnault(France) Reille(France)
Renaud (France) Reymond(France) Rottier(France) Raab(Germany)
Raadt (Germany) Rabe(Germany) Rabenhorst(Germany) Radeke(Germany)
Rahn (Germany) Raiger(Germany) Rall(Germany) Ratzmer(Germany)
Rebitzky (Germany) Reigle(Germany) Reith(Germany) Retzlaff(Germany)
Ring (Germany) Ritters(Germany) Roesser(Germany) Rohden(Germany)
Rossler (Germany) Rostock(Germany) Rumm(Germany) Ruterbusch(Germany)
Rasin (Greece) Rhezin(Greece) Restongi(Greece) Rhalles(Greece)
Rhadino (Greece) Rhaoules(Greece) Rhodocanakis(Greece) Raba(Hungary)
Rabcsek (Hungary) Raday(Hungary) Radetzky(Hungary) Rado(Hungary)
Radvany (Hungary) Raisz(Hungary) Rajeczky(Hungary) Russa(Hungary)
Rusza (Hungary) Ruszkoczy(Hungary) Rabatta (da)(Italy) Radaelli(Italy)
Ragazzi (Italy) Ragusio(Italy) Raimondi(Italy) Rambaldi(Italy)
Reggiovolo (Italy) Renzi(Italy) Reverditto(Italy) Ricera(Italy)
Ridolfi (Italy) Rifugiato(Italy) Roberti(Italy) Rossi(Italy)
Russo (Italy) Ramelo(Luxembourgh) Reckingen(Luxembourgh) Recogne(Luxembourgh)
Reichert (Luxembourgh) Reuland(Luxembourgh) Raad(Netherlands) Raaphorst(Netherlands)
Raas (Netherlands) Raat (de)(Netherlands) Raedt(Netherlands) Raet (de)(Netherlands)
Ral (Netherlands) Ram(Netherlands) Ramshorst(Netherlands) Rasch(Netherlands)
Ravenzwaay (Netherlands) Rechteren (van)(Netherlands) Reeland(Netherlands) Rozendaal(Netherlands)
Radwan (Poland) Radzic(Poland) Ratuld(Poland) Roch(Poland)
Rogala (Poland) Rokowiec(Poland) Rozmiar(Poland) Rozopior(Poland)
Rozylowicz (Poland) Rubiesz(Poland) Rudnica(Poland) Runo(Poland)
Raia (Portugal) Ramalho(Portugal) Ramires(Portugal) Ramos(Portugal)
Rangel (Portugal) Raposa(Portugal) Ratton(Portugal) Ravago(Portugal)
Ravasquiero (Portugal) Rebolo(Portugal) Ruelas(Portugal) Racotta(Romania)
Racovitza (Romania) Raillet(Romania) Rascanu(Romania) Ratescu(Romania)
Razu (Romania) Riosanu(Romania) Robescu(Romania) Romalo(Romania)
Rheter (Romania) Radistchev(Russia) Radlov(Russia) Raffalovitch(Russia)
Rakhmaninov (Russia) Rausch(Russia) Reinbot(Russia) Remizov(Russia)
Retzenstein (Russia) Revoutzky(Russia) Rittich(Russia) Rjevsky(Russia)
Rodionov (Russia) Rogovitch(Russia) Rokassovsky(Russia) Rychkov(Russia)
Rabaschiero (Spain) Ramera(Spain) Ramirez(Spain) Ramos(Spain)
Reillo (Spain) Reull(Spain) Riera(Spain) Rigual(Spain)
Rivera (Spain) Rocabruna(Spain) Ruiz(Spain) Raab(Sweden)
Raaf (Sweden) Radeke (von)(Sweden) Ralamb(Sweden) Ram(Sweden)
Ramel (Sweden) Rappe(Sweden) Rayalin(Sweden) Reenstierna(Sweden)
Rehausen (Sweden) Reuterfelt(Sweden) Rosenblad(Sweden) Radeck(Switzerland)
Raevell (Switzerland) Raillard(Switzerland) Rallemberg(Switzerland) Ramensperg(Switzerland)
Ramstein (Sweden) Rapp(Switzerland) Ratolsdorf(Switzerland) Razenriet(Switzerland)
Reber (Switzerland) Rechli(Switzerland) Rackett(England) Rackham(England)
Rainbow (England) Rainforth(England) Raisbeck(England) Ramsbell(England)
Redcroft (England) Redgate(England) Ricquish(England) Ring(England)
Roalfe (England) Ronksley(England) Rout(England) Ruck(England)
Ruff (England) Rugman(England) Rumm(England) Rush(England)
Rushant (England) Ryton(England) Rait(Scotland) Ralston(Scotland)
Ramsay (Scotland) Rankeillor(Scotland) Rattray(Scotland) Reaich(Scotland)
Reat (Scotland) Renton(Scotland) Riddell(Scotland) Rintoul(Scotland)
Roberton (Scotland) Robertson(Scotland) Rollo(Scotland) Rose(Scotland)
Rossie (Scotland) Runciman(Scotland) Ruthven(Scotland) Raine(Ireland)
Ram (Ireland) Rath(Ireland) Rea(Ireland) Reade(Ireland)
Reddy (Ireland) Reed(Ireland) Riall(Ireland) Rigby(Ireland)
Roache (Ireland) Rockett(Ireland) Roe(Ireland) Rolliston(Ireland)
Rooney (Ireland) Rowan(Ireland) Raglan(Wales) Ralph(Wales)
Randall (Wales) Randle(Wales) Rawlin(Wales) Reece(Wales)
Rees (Wales) Rhys(Wales) Rice(Wales) Roderick(Wales)
Rhydderch (Wales) Ramm(Norway) Rasch(Norway) Reichborn(Norway)
Reimers (Norway) Rivertz(Norway) Rosenkilde(Norway) Ruge(Norway)
Rummelhoff (Norway) Rumohr(Norway) Raeder(Norway) Royem(Norway)
Reardon (Ireland) Ritchie(Scotland) Razvan(Romania) Robson(England)
Ryland (England) Rabie Raby Raeburn
Rafferty Raider Rainey Rake
Ralphs Ralph(England) Ramage Randall(England)
Randolph Rank Ranney Raphael
Raschke Rattigan Rayburn Raymond
Rayson Read(England) Reade(England) Reason
Red Rede Redford Redpath
Redwood Reese Regan Reidy
Reinach Reinke Reis Rendall
Renegar Renfrew Rennick Renwick
Resch Rex Reynard Reynell
Rhodes Ribisel Rich Riches
Richmond Richtarcik Ricketts Rider
Ridgeway Ridley Riley Rimmer
Ringer (England) Rist Rivers Rizer
Robb Roberson Robins Robotham
Roche Rochford Rodger Rodham
Rodney Roe(England) Rogan Rogers
Rogerson Rohan Rolfe Roller
Rolls Rom Rommelman(Germany) Ronaldson
Ronan Roney Roos Roper
Rosamond Roseblade Rosenberg Rosenhart
Rossiter Rothschild Rouillard Rourke
Rous Roush Routh Rowan(England)
Rowlett Rowntree Rowswell Rubright
Ruddle Ruffell Rumsey Rupp
Ruppert Rushe Rushforth Rushing
Rushton Russell Rust Rutland
Rutter Ryden Ryder Rosenfeld(Germany)
Ramsbotham Robison Roath(Germany) Rickert(Germany)
Rickert (England) Reichert(Germany) Rickart(Scotland) Ryan(Ireland)
Robbins (England) Robin(England) Robin(Wales) Robinson(England)
Rivett (England) Ryvette(France) Ross(Scotland) Ross(Ireland)
Rodwell (England) Radcliffe(England) Rauh(Germany) Rauch(Germany)
Rooke (England) Rook(England) Radclyffe(England) Reid(Scotland)
Ravenscroft (England) Rees(England) Richardson(England) Roberts(England)
Roberts (Wales) Roberts(Ireland) Roberts(Scotland) Rawlins(Ireland)
Rawlins (England) Ramsay(England) Ramsey(England) Rattray(England)
Rutherford (Scotland) Rostel(Germany) Rudzitis(Poland) Redmon(Ireland)
Redmond (Ireland) Rumgay(England) Rautenberg(Germany) Rautenfeld(Baltic)
Ronzoni (Italy) Rommelhoff(Germany) Rankin(Scotland) Risi(Italy)
Rizzi (Italy) Rennie(Scotland) Renny(Scotland) Raitt(Scotland)
Risbell (England) Risby(England) Rand(England) Reading(England)
Rauscher (Germany) Rauscher(Austria) Romin(Russia) Ravenhorst(Germany)
Rubazewicz (Poland) Rule(England) Rule(Scotland) Rixon(England)
Richards (England) Richards(Ireland) Rae(Scotland) Rawlings(England)
Rawlyns (England) Rayner(England) Rainer(England) Rouse(England)
Rounds (England) Raynaud(France) Renot(France) Reno(France)
Restell (England) Rusbarsky(Poland) Raban(France) Ray(England)
Roels (Belgium) Rowley(England) Rowton(England) Rhoden(England)
Riazzi (Italy) Rodgers(England) Racz(Hungary) Raven(England)
Rurka (Poland) Rurich(Poland) Raverty(Ireland) Rothe(France)
Rooth (France) Ransley(England) Rawnsley(England) Rawley(England)
Rock (England) Roman(Italy) Rabon(Scotland) Raeburn(Scotland)
Rall (England) Rux(England) Roxton(England) Rox(England)
Romney (England) Redfield(England) Racanelli(Italy) Reilly(Ireland)
Rigby (England) Riddle(Scotland) Ridall(Scotland) Rydell(Scotland)
Reynolds (Ireland) Ramm(Russia) Runci(Italy) Ramshaw(England)
Reader (Ireland) Redmore(England) Redmere(England) Ransom(England)
Ramey (France) Rorison(Scotland) Royston(Scotland) Raubitschek(Czech/Slovak)
Raubisch (Czech/Slovak) Rea(Scotland) Rusby(England) Rushby(England)
Rothwell (England) Ricelli(Italy) Reed(England) Roy(Scotland)
Rowe (England) Reyes(England) Ractliffe(England) Ratcliffe(England)
Rink (England) Rickaby(England) Rickards(England) Reaper(Ireland)
Reeper (Ireland) Reaper(England) Racaul(France) Reeve(England)
Russ (England) Reeves(England) Rixon(Wales) Rapley(England)
Ripley (England) Rooks(England) Rosiefsky(Germany) Rossofsky(Germany)
Ryans (Ireland) Ridland(England) Reimers(Austria) Rixham(England)
Rix (England) Rudge(England) Repper(England) Repps(England)
Repes (England) Rawson(England) Ramsey(Scotland) Rohl
Renaghan Regnold Rochon(France) Ramsell(England)
Richardson (Ireland) Roe(Germany) Revill(England) Rabl(Czech/Slovak)
Ringsrud (Norway) Rawcliffe(England) Reiskamp(Netherlands) Redlikh(Austria)
Rudland (England) Rudd(England) Rudde(England) Ragusa(Italy)
Rempt (Germany) Rempich(Germany) Round(England) Roussel(France)
Roden (Ireland) Ravenhill(England) Ravenhall(England) Richem(Norway)
Rowland (England) Rowlands(England) Rowlandson(England) Rutledge(Ireland)
Richards (Scotland) Roessler(Germany) Rodin(Belgium) Roden(Belgium)
Rann (England) Radencic(Croatia / Serbia) Ruel(France) Rafferty(Ireland)

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