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The Surnames List contains only a selection of the thousands of family names for which Coats of Arms have been registered.

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connection is intended or implied.)
Because the prefixes Mc and Mac both mean ‘son of’ the use of one over the other is usually based on family tradition or
preference. Generally speaking, Mac is regarded as Scottish and Mc, Irish, but there are no hard and fast rules.

If you do not find your name under Mac, please look under Mc, & vice versa.
Simply select the letter your surname begins with...

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Showing a selection of names starting with L
La Macchia (Italy) Laber(Austria) LacKerschmidt(Austria) Lackner(Austria)
Ladenbach (Austria) Lago(Austria) Lamberg(Austria) Leithner(Austria)
Leippert (Austria) Leidl(Austria) Lemayer(Austria) Leuttner(Austria)
Ladayda (Baltic) Laimonas(Baltic) Latvenas(Baltic) Liorentas(Baltic)
Luuscunas (Baltic) Lapinas(Baltic) Laukys(Baltic) Leskien(Baltic)
Lewaschew (Baltic) Laage(Belgium) Labina(Belgium) Lachhoens(Belgium)
Lados (Belgium) Laere (van)(Belgium) Leierbrouck(Belgium) Lem(Belgium)
Lemy (Belgium) Levieux(Belgium) Leys(Belgium) Liens(Belgium)
Liethart (Belgium) Lievens(Belgium) Lachnit(Czech/Slovak) Leipa(Czech/Slovak)
Lendl (Czech/Slovak) Lexa(Czech/Slovak) Lichtenstein(Czech/Slovak) Limbeck(Czech/Slovak)
Lipka (Czech/Slovak) Lipowski(Czech/Slovak) Lobkowitz(Czech/Slovak) Laczcovich(Croatia / Serbia)
Ladanyi (Croatia / Serbia) Lazarovies(Croatia / Serbia) Lenkovich(Croatia / Serbia) Levachich(Croatia / Serbia)
Lippich (Croatia / Serbia) Liubcovich(Croatia / Serbia) Lovrenchich(Croatia / Serbia) Luketich(Croatia / Serbia)
Lusanecz (Croatia / Serbia) Lyuboevich(Croatia / Serbia) Lachmann(Denmark) Laelius(Denmark)
Lagoni (Denmark) Lemforth(Denmark) Leuenfeld(Denmark) Lichtabbell(Denmark)
Lichtenberg (Denmark) Linde(Denmark) Lindenov(Denmark) Linderot(Denmark)
Linholm (Denmark) Langenskiold(Finland) Linder(Finland) Lybecker(Finland)
Ladau (Finland) Lindecrantz(Finland) Labessa(France) Lamoury(France)
Le Friec (France) Lenort(France) Le Vallee(France) Loubser(France)
Labat (France) Laborde(France) Lac (du)(France) Lacour(France)
Lacroix (France) Ladvocat(France) Lafarge (de)(France) Lafin(France)
Lagneau (France) Lejay(France) Lemoigne(France) Lapp(Germany)
Lehrer (Germany) Leissner(Germany) Lettern(Germany) Leufke(Germany)
Lonitsch (Germany) Lach(Germany) Lackner(Germany) Lemeyer(Germany)
Lemmen (Germany) Lemp(Germany) Lener(Germany) Lengefelder(Germany)
Lacapenos (Greece) Lafokilo(Greece) Lando(Greece) Lisgara(Greece)
Livanos (Greece) Logothei(Greece) Laczny(Hungary) Lagas(Hungary)
Lanczy (Hungary) Lengyel(Hungary) Liszt(Hungary) Litassy(Hungary)
Loczy (Hungary) Loncza(Hungary) Lonyay(Hungary) Labruzzi(Italy)
Lafranchini (Italy) Lagni(Italy) Lambruschini(Italy) Lana(Italy)
Lanario (Italy) Lancellotti(Italy) Landi(Italy) Landreani(Italy)
Leni (Italy) Libri (de)(Italy) Liorsi(Italy) Lippi(Italy)
Lafontaine (Luxembourgh) Laittres(Luxembourgh) Lanchotte(Luxembourgh) Lellich(Luxembourgh)
Limpens (Luxembourgh) Limpach(Luxembourgh) Lieuwen(Netherlands) Lueke(Netherlands)
Laaf (Netherlands) Laagland(Netherlands) Laats(Netherlands) Lagemans(Netherlands)
Lelienberg (van) (Netherlands) Lely (van der)(Netherlands) Lemmens(Netherlands) Lacki(Poland)
Laryssa (Poland) Leliwa(Poland) Leski(Poland) Leszczyc(Poland)
Lichtyani (Poland) Liniewski(Poland) Lossow(Poland) Lubicz(Poland)
Luzinski (Poland) La Cerda(Portugal) Lacerda(Portugal) Lacerna(Portugal)
Lacueva (Portugal) Lafetat(Portugal) Lagato(Portugal) Lago(Portugal)
Laguna (Portugal) Lamadeita(Portugal) Lameira(Portugal) Lima(Portugal)
Ladyjenski (Russia) Langovoy(Russia) Latchinov(Russia) Lavrov(Russia)
Lentovski (Russia) Lekhovitch(Russia) Leonov(Russia) Leskinen(Russia)
Levitzky (Russia) Linevitch(Russia) Lissenko(Russia) Livron(Russia)
Loubinov (Russia) Loukomsky(Russia) Lvov(Russia) Lyssogorsky(Russia)
Lama (de la) (Spain) Lancarota(Spain) Limos(Spain) Liori(Spain)
Lisola (Spain) Lladernosa(Spain) Llado(Spain) Llanos(Spain)
Llentes (Spain) Llobet(Spain) Lloselles(Spain) Lopez(Spain)
Lagerbjelke (Sweden) Lagerbring(Sweden) Lake(Sweden) Landzberg(Sweden)
Leuheusen (Sweden) Leyonhufvud(Sweden) Lieven(Sweden) Lilljesvard(Sweden)
Lindblad (Sweden) Linde (von der)(Sweden) Lindegren(Sweden) Lindhjelm(Sweden)
Labhard (Switzerland) Lacarre(Switzerland) Lachenal(Switzerland) Lagarrigue(Switzerland)
Lagern (Switzerland) Laimeren(Switzerland) Landolt(Switzerland) Leissler(Switzerland)
Lemann (Switzerland) Leuthardt(Switzerland) Leuw(Switzerland) Lackenby(England)
Laskey (England) Lazenbury(England) Leisure(England) Lendon(England)
Levack (England) Leverell(England) Lidington(England) Lindop(England)
Linney (England) Loukes(England) Lovewell(England) Ludlam(England)
Lusted (England) Luxon(England) Laidlaw(Scotland) Laird(Scotland)
Langlands (Scotland) Lauder(Scotland) Lawrie(Scotland) Leask(Scotland)
Leghorn (Scotland) Loarridge(Scotland) Lockhart(Scotland) Lockie(Scotland)
Loudon (Scotland) Lyon(Scotland) Lithgow(Scotland) Lacy(England)
Lafroy (England) Lamprey(England) Landy(England) Langan(England)
Lanigan (England) Lawless(England) Leckey(England) Linegan(Ireland)
Lynas (England) Lynch(England) Lysaght(England) Lamphey(Wales)
Landeck (Wales) Leader(Wales) Lellow(Wales) Lewis(Wales)
Lewys (Wales) Ley(Wales) Leyshon(Wales) Llewellyn(Wales)
Llowarch (Wales) Lloyd(Wales) Llwyd(Wales) Lacusteanu(Romania)
Laczkfy (Romania) Lamotescu(Romania) Lapatti(Romania) Latescu(Romania)
Lazu (Romania) Lecca(Romania) Lehliu(Romania) Lens(Romania)
Lerescu (Romania) Lammers(Norway) Lange(Norway) Leegaard(Norway)
Loennechen (Norway) Lossius(Norway) Lowzow(Norway) Lutken(Norway)
Lodrup (Norway) Lovenskiold(Norway) Lloyd(England) Llywellyn(Wales)
Lamont (Scotland) Lanthen(Netherlands) Lantman(Netherlands) Loughnan(Ireland)
Lough (Ireland) Lange(Germany) Labude Lacey
Lacy (Ireland) Lackamp Laing(Scotland) Laker
Lally Lambe Lambeth Lambie
Lambourn Lambourne Lamerick Lammers(Netherlands)
Lamond Lamprecht Lane Langer
Langhals Langham(England) Langley Langsford
Langton Lanoue Lansdale Lanza
Latham Lauterbach Lavalley Lavergne
Laverty Lavigne Lavin Law
Lawder Lawe Lawler Lawless(Ireland)
Lawlor Laydon Layfield Layland
Layton Lea Leahy Leatherman
Leavesley Leck Lederman Leeke
Leeling Leeming Leggatt Legh
Legore Lieven(Russia) Leiser Leisinger
Leitch Leith LeMaster Lendrum
Lenihan Lennon Lennox Lenox
Leonard Leopold Letch Leversidge
Levett Levitan Lewin Lewins
Ley (England) Licata Liddiard Lightbody
Lill Liller Lindahl Lyndsey
Lines Linke Liscio Lisle
Littell Littlefield Littlejohn Littler
Livings Lloyd(Ireland) Lobban Lobley
Loch Lockard Locker Lodge
Loftus Lomax Lombardo Lonczinski
Longbottom Longman Longmore Longworth
Lonsdale Looney Loquens Lorentzen
Lorenz Louden Loudoun(Scotland) Loughery
Lovatt Love Loveday Loveless
Lovell Lowdon Lowery Lowndes
Lowther Lucero Lucey Lucy
Ludlow Ludwell Luft Lukomiak
Lumley Lunn Luttrell Lyall
Lycett Lydon Lynam Lynch(Ireland)
Lynn Lyth Love(Scotland) Leigh(Ireland)
Leigh (England) Lambertson(England) Lobb(England) Liston(England)
Liston (Scotland) Linard(England) Lawrence(England) Lumb(England)
Lootens (Netherlands) Lootyns(Netherlands) Ligutich(Croatia / Serbia) Leslie(Scotland)
Ladam (Belgium) Latimer(England) Lawrence(Scotland) Leach(England)
Logan (Scotland) Lund(Denmark) Lund(Sweden) Lockett(England)
Lourens (Netherlands) Langstaff(England) Letters(England) Luke(England)
Luke (Scotland) Lucas(Ireland) Luke(Ireland) Lucas(England)
Lawson (England) Lawson(Scotland) Lewthwaite(England) Lock(England)
Locke (England) Locke(Ireland) Luijkx(Netherlands) Loix(Belgium)
Luykx (Belgium) Langford(England) Langford(Ireland) Luneburg(Germany)
Langlotz (Germany) Lewis(England) Lewys(England) Lewis(Ireland)
Lees (England) Lees(Ireland) Lees(Scotland) Lindsay(Scotland)
Littleton (England) Lindsay(Ireland) Lindsey(Ireland) Lindsey(England)
Lanyon (England) Lancaster(England) Leslie(Ireland) Leslie(England)
Livingstone (Scotland) Livingston(Scotland) Lumsden(Scotland) Lyle(Scotland)
Lyons (Scotland) Lyon(England) Lyons(Ireland) Lyons(England)
Lincoln (England) Lincolne(England) Lister(England) Ladouceur(France)
Ladoucette (France) Levens(England) Le Blanc(France) Lambert(England)
Lambert (Ireland) Lewis(Scotland) Lang(Austria) Lang(Germany)
Lang (England) Lang(Scotland) Langshaw(Scotland) Leckey(Ireland)
Lecky (Ireland) Lecky(England) Leckie(England) Leckie(Scotland)
Lotz (Switzerland) Long(England) Laine(Finland) Larsen(Denmark)
Lightfoot (England) Lisseman(Netherlands) Legrave(France) Losecaat(Netherlands)
Lindorff (Germany) Lindorffer(Germany) Lagden(England) Leicester (the Town of)(England)
Lockwood (England) Lord(England) Lord(Ireland) Ling(England)
Luchsinger (Germany) Ligne(France) Lonergan(Ireland) Lowel(Germany)
Lowell (Scotland) Londal(Norway) Le Masurier(France) Le Mesurier(France)
Leighton (England) Lomas(England) Larson(Denmark) Lammas(England)
Lanier (Ireland) Loxston(France) Loxton(France) Leech(England)
Linsell (England) Lowry(Ireland) Landry(France) Laird(England)
Lafferty (Ireland) Lishman(Netherlands) Longstaff(England) Liguori(Italy)
Liguoro (Italy) Lancelot(England) Leaning(England) Le Grange(France)
Lemon (England) Lemons(England) Lemonson(England) Lilley(England)
Lilly (England) Lighly(England) Legge(England) Luff(England)
Luffull (England) Lench(England) Letter(England) Lickers(England)
Llewelyn (Wales) Lewellin(Wales) Lake(Scotland) Lake(England)
Lamreaux (France) Longueville(England) Lazenby(England) Lasenby(England)
Legg (England) Lainson(England) Lipinski(Poland) Lawse(Scotland)
Lawes (Scotland) Lambrechts Lendrum(Scotland) Landrum(Scotland)
Lenard (Scotland) Lenard(England) Lennard(Scotland) Lennard(England)
Lillie (England) Litvany Litvansky Lindquist(Sweden)
Lendrum (Ireland) Loane(England) Loan(Scotland) Lovett(Ireland)
Lovet (France) Lovett(France) Lee(England) Lewandowski(Poland)
Lye (England) Leacock(England) Laycock(England) Little(England)
Laursen (Denmark) Linderoth(Sweden) Large(England) Lingwood(England)
Lane (England) Legon(France) Langfeldt(Germany) Loffman(England)
Lofft (England) Laugher Laidler(Scotland) Loveridge(England)
Lynett (England) Low(Scotland) Lockey(England) Lockley(England)
Loxley (England) Loxly(England) Land(England) Linton(Scotland)
Lindehult (Sweden) Lindeholtz(Sweden) Leverington(England) Lodwick(Wales)
Langdon (England) Liberman(England) Libby(England) Lampert(England)
Lampet (England) Lampeth(England) Linn(England) Larkins(England)
Larkin (England) Landels(France) Landelle(France) Luscombe(England)
Luscomb (England) Luycx(Belgium) Lacuesta(Spain) Lund(England)
Leadbetter (England) Leadbitter(England) Lowe(England) Leoprich(Romania)
Leprich (Romania) Leppericht(Romania) Lennie(Scotland) Leny(Scotland)
Lamb (England) Lisseman(England) Livsey(England) Livesey(England)
Liebenberg (Germany) Lagan(Scotland) Lillo(Italy) Lorimer(Scotland)
Le Bas Loughran(Ireland) Lami(France) Lamy(France)
Lamb (Scotland) Lush(England) Lott(England) Lechner(Belgium)
Lejbik (Poland) Lynn(Scotland)

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