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Q: When will I receive my order?
A : Because all our products are custom-made, and therefore unique to each customer, we ask you to allow us a little time to fulfil your order.

Embroideries normally take 6-8 weeks to complete; paintings and calligraphy items 3-6 weeks, but just occasionally these timescales may vary.

If your order should take a little longer please bear with us – we endeavour to craft all items to our high standard first time, every time, and our aim is 100% customer delight.

Please note that, to protect your item in transit, our Post and Packing charges include Insurance cover.

Q: How do you find the Arms for my name?

A: We research each Coat of Arms from a recognised source. There are many reference books listing thousands of registered Arms. If we come across a particularly uncommon name we may call on the help of our specialist researcher who has a larger library of more specialist books.

Q: Are the Arms for my name connected to my ancestors?
A : While Arms may have been granted to someone of your surname it should be clearly understood that no direct genealogical connection is intended or implied.

Q : Can I use the Arms to put on business cards, letterheads, etc?
A : No, only the Armiger, the individual to whom the Arms were awarded, can use the Arms for public or official purposes. Our items are for indoor display only.

Q : Do all names have a Coat of Arms?
A : Occasionally we come across a name for which no Arms appear to be registered, perhaps because the name is highly unusual or because it has been extensively changed, or corrupted, from its original version. In this case we would endeavour to find a link to the original, or ‘stem’, name and research the Arms for this.

Q : Can I have a print of the Arms?
A :. Because all our items are custom made to order, either embroidered or hand-painted, every commission we undertake is individual to each customer. We do not therefore supply computer printouts.

Q: Do you supply frames?
A : All items come mounted (matted), ready for framing, in a choice of blue, red or dark green mounts (matts). Choosing a frame is a very individual choice depending on your taste and the décor of the room in which the item is to be displayed. Also, we cannot send glass through the post as the risk of breakage is too high and the extra weight would add greatly to the cost.

Q : Do you do embroideries, hand-paintings or calligraphy for non-heraldic items?
A : Yes, we undertake commissions for all designs. Contact us with details of your request and we will be delighted to give you a quote. Examples of bespoke items include company names, handwritten poems, personalised mementoes and club logos.

Q : Can you embroider military badges or crests?
A : Yes, these are very popular items and can be ordered through the website. They include a personal inscription of your choice embroidered in gold thread.

Q : Can I change the symbols or colours on the Coat of Arms?
A : Each Coat of Arms is supplied as described in the official source. Changing these details would alter the integrity of the Arms.

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